So, I really have no idea what the fuck I'm doing.

I am a politically incorrect anti-social maggot. I like making people mad and generating a pleases me.

Don't feed the trolls, kiddies.

I fangirl like crazy and I like to post stupid crap in random places.

Step further into the abyss, my friends. Find poking and trolling, real person slash, bitchy ramblings, and other things that might embarrass me later.

One time I met one of my closest friends, Curtis Rx, Erik X, and William Control all in the same night and I still consider that one of the best nights in my life.

Also I saw The Monkees the day after - talk about musical whiplash.

Today was a good day. 

Even if Erick X did break my CD case.

Anonymous sent: Aesthetic Perfection* not attraction :) but YAY! it's gonna be the best show ever! I'm going on my birthday! :D

:D I just figured that out like, three hours ago. Thank you though! 

And it isssss! This is like, my dream. Most shows I go to I only know one act, but this is my first where I know three out of four! Maybe I’ll actually listen to Aesthetic Perfection beforehand instead of waiting like I usually do just because of that! 

Ed Sheeran
Radio City Music Hall
1st Mezzannie, 1st section to the left of the stage
Seats 513, Row A

Will this bee my first show of 2013? 

God, I haven’t been to Radio City in YEARS. I think the last time was when I saw the Christmas Show back in junior high or something? It just just a really long time ago and something for Girl Scouts. I mean, yeah, I walk past it a lot - but I’m not used to these big venues. I don’t even know if I have a good seat. 

I spent waaaayyy too much money today. I also bought tickets for the Lee DeWyze/Jeff LeBlanc show at the Highline Ballroom and The Birthday Massacre/Aesthetic Attraction (?)/William Control/Creature Feature show at Gramercy Theater. 

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Missed my call :c got a voice mail instead. 

Better than nothing though, right? 

Still very heartbroken though.

So weird question, but, um…

Does anyone know when the Control Project calls are happening…or if they already did and I just got left out? :’D 

Because I’m hoping that call I got on like the 4th or something was just my doctor with my test results. 


For every little think about Archie that’s making me this mixture of filled with rage, sad, annoyed, eye-rolly, and disappointed especially since he kept popping up on my shuffle today even though I was all “fuck you, I’m mad at you and don’t want to hear your stupid voice today” - there are musicians I actually respect doing something amazing :’D

William Control actually drove all the way down to San Francisco from Seattle and is driving back - just to make sure all of us who pre-ordered can get our CDs on April 2nd, since if they got delivered to his house they wouldn’t make it in time. 

And Voltaire did his first Video Nooseletter~ 

And then there’s the Yellowcard stickam/studio sessions. 

u_u Plus I think I did pretty well directing TV Studio today. 

So yeah…not that bad of a day. 

David Archuleta has a manager?!

8D Maybe it’s not his dad? 

Maybe it’s someone that act ually knows what they’re doing? Unlike when he tries to do it himself or when his dad does it? Please, please be so.

And please don’t be related to him in anyway. Managing family is unethical. 

u_u I might have to write another fan letter. Won’t be as snarky as the first one, a little nicer, but since I’m a bitch there will always be a nice level of snark. I kind of really want to send him this essay WiL Francis/William Control wrote in his book “Prose & Poems”.

Really, just for the simple fact that I think everyone should read this essay at least once in their life. It doesn’t matter what age, gender, sex, creed, race, or whatever you are…everyone just needs to read it. 

I found the original post on Alternative Press if anyone is interested (: you really should all read it, Mr. Control is a very smart man. His writing has actually made me gain a lot of respect for him that I never had before. Well, that, how much he loves his son, and the effort he puts towards his career. 

God Is Dead - William Control - Alternative Press/Prose & Poems - 10/28/10

Two other essays

Faggot - which is about gay rights 

Hey Little Sister - which is about women’s rights 

Not to mention the fact he’s a pretty great musician too. I may not like his band, Aiden, very much - but his side project William Control is to die for.

His website